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​DJ  Imperial Jay Cee, was born in Harlem, New York as John Chavis in 1961. In 1973, he moved to the High Bridge section of the Bronx, residing at 1208 Odgen Avenue. The schools he attended while living in the Bronx were, P.S. 126 elementary school, C.I.S. X166 Roberto Clemente Junior High School, and DeWitt Clinton Senior High School.
In 1973, Jay Cee and his brother Clayton, otherwise known as DJ C.C., started playing their BSR turntables, a receiver, and house speakers in the park of  126 school-connected to the street light pole on 168th street park, and Nelson Park for the neighborhood to come and enjoy music with them.
In 1975, Jay Cee was visited by legendary Kool  Herc, noted father of Hip Hop. After witnessing Jay Cee’s skills as a DJ, Kool Herc invited Jay Cee to join his entourage of traveling DJs called the Herculoids.  As a Herculoid, Jay Cee became known as Imperial Jay Cee. After battling legendary rival DJs in the hip hop community, Imperial Jay Cee became known as creator of the “"speed cut"” style of DJing because of his super fast techniques on two turntables.
In 1980, Imperial Jay Cee moved to Yonkers, New York.  According to Jerome Ender’'s book, “"Yonkers, the Lost City of Hip Hop"”, Imperial Jay Cee is recognized as one of the first established DJs to bring the underground hip hop movement to Yonkers, New York.
Imperial Jay Cee later used his talent as an established DJ to begin a singing Rap group in Yonkers with his brother DJ CC.  In 1981, their rap group, "Just Four", signed with Grand Groove Records and in 1986 signed with major recording label Atlantic Records. Their hits include,"“We Ain’t”", “"Girls of the World”", and “"Jam to Remember"”.
Imperial Jay Cee maintains his old school pioneer and DJ status through performing at functions throughout the cities of the United States as well as international guest appearances with the legendary Herculoids.
He is credited as an original hip hop pioneer, by Bronx Borough President, Rubin Diaz Jr., The Source Magazine,  in published book, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”, and published book by DJ Grand Master Flash and several other publications. Imperial Jay Cee is also known as a brother pioneer to all the legendary hip hop pioneers and to the fans that have have remained faithful to the underground hip hop movement since it first began.
Imperial Jay Cee currently owns and operates his own internet radio business, Flex 103FM.com Radio . He is also the production manager for one of internet'’s largest and first radio station, Fonyeradio.com.  Imperial Jay Cee can be seen performing his legendary speed cutting on Flex103FM.com Radio and Fonyeradio.com on Wednesday nights. You may also see him still preforming in hip hop's legendary home, The Bronx, during Fabel and Christie Pabon'’s “"Tools of War-Crotona Park Jams”" every year with several other hip hop legends.
Imperial Jay Cee’'s goal is to take internet radio to new levels with his extensive music and DJ background along with his fellow pioneers and all the fans from around the world that continue to follow Imperial Jay Cee in his legendary music career.  --Note from the author of the Bio-Please document hip hop history or we lose it.                                  Hip Hop Legend -Herculoid-DJ Grand Imperial Jay Cee


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Quick example to clarify moneys spent and made from 1 Single
Average time in the pre production studio at $50.00 Hr - 12 hours $600.00
Average time in the mastering studio at an estimated $300.00 Hr. - 30 hours  $9000.00
Studio engineer fees averaging at $100.00 hr - 42 hours $4200.00
Video shoot average $25000.00 
Total out of pocket expenses $38800.00 

The artist makes on an average 2 cents per album. Question: Have you ever bought a CD or album with 1 single??? Answer: NO, that is called a single. A major label would not even publish an artist with only 1 single so multiply the above expense by 10 and figure it out from there. Remember that when you wanna buy a boot leg of your favorite artist. Just let these artists know that their hard and talented work isn't in vain and pay the extra money so that we all could be blessed with the gift of the next album..........

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